• bernicedyson

What's Hot!

You see someone that's pleasing to the eye and say that person is hot. What is REALLY hot, is being open-minded to how a person can compliment your life, beyond the physical. Think about it, there are so many hot characteristics about people beyond what the eye can see. How amazing it would be, to be in a relationship with someone that put loyalty above everything else, indiscretions would never be an issue. How wonderful your life can be, if you was in a relationship with a person that was so considerate, and always wanted to make you happy, and did anything possible to make sure you were happy. It would be great to be with someone that could help you build your empire, and help make your dreams come true. It would be awesome to be

with someone that had a great sense of humor, and was sweet, they would keep you laughing and smiling all day. Of course some level of attraction should always exist when dating someone new, but If you close your mind off to dating only what is pleasing to the eye, you are denying yourself of some positive life changing opportunities.