• bernicedyson

The Right One & The Right Now

Speaking from experience, when dating it can take you years to find the right one for you. Until you find the right one, RESPECTFULLY enjoy the people that you are dating right now. DATING PEOPLE RIGHT NOW IS THE JOURNEY TO FINDING THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU, SO ENJOY THE RIDE ALONG THE WAY! Don't get discouraged when you realize that someone is not the person that you see in your future, just enjoy the dinners, and fun outings and continue dating. Date often and get to know as many people as possible. HAVE FUN! You will probably have numerous right now dates until you meet the right one. Start each date with a positive mindset and end each date with a positive mind set. YOU ARE SIMPLY HAVING FUN GOING OUT! Eventually the right one for you, that you can settle down with will come along. In the event that you meet someone that can possibly be the right one, DO NOT STOP DATING TO FIND OUT WHERE THIS NEW RELATIONSHIP WILL GO, UNTIL A COMMITMENT HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED. Please keep in mind, when only one person is committed in a relationship, there is NO commitment. A committed relationship takes two people. Think of finding the right one for you as looking for a dream job. Many of us work at a job only because it pays the bills, but we continue to look for a job that we are interested in making a career, a job that we will stay at until we retire. Until we find that dream job we do not stop working, we continue looking for a job, and apply to as many jobs as possible at a time. Eventually with persistence we find the job that we were looking for, a job that makes us happy and fulfills our needs. It is always great to plan for your future, but DO NOT just live for it. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.