• bernicedyson

Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Routines and familiarity are safe for all of us, and everyone wants to feel safe, but there is a huge world out there that is full of so many different types of people, and different experiences. WHEN YOU ARE DATING, STEP OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND EXPERIENCE ALL OF YOUR OPTIONS. Most people like new things. Something different is like something that is new, that you are simply not familiar with. You may find that something different in your life can be a much better fit for you, than what you are presently accustomed to. If your dating experiences are not going the way that you desire them to go, do not continue on the same path that you have been going, TAKE A DIFFERENT PATH. In order for you to take your dating experiences in a different direction, you may need to step outside of a box that is comfortable for you, and try dating someone that is a different type from what you are use to. The one crucial mistake that people make when dating, or choosing a mate, is they continuously choose the same type of person, and reject dating anyone who is a different type than what they believe that they want. Most of us have been guilty of seeking the same type of person to date, according to what we like. We date the same body type, the same race, age range and so on, and we do not deviate from it. What we want and like is not always what is best for us, or good for us. The reality is, if you have been dating a particular type of person, and it has not worked out for you the first, second or third time around, there is a good chance that you are dating the wrong type of person. BE OPEN MINDED TO DATING A DIFFERENT TYPE OF PERSON THAN YOU HAVE DATED IN THE PAST. It may not be necessary to completely deviate from the type of person that you have been seeking. Continue to seek some of the same characteristics in a person that are important to you, just consider being more open minded to the possibility of dating someone, with characteristics that you would have never considered dating before. STAY OPEN MINDED TO ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU. Most singles start off at the same place when they date, they are attracted to someone that is pleasing to their senses. It is not unusual to have a preference or a specific type that peeks your interest, but it is unusual to continuously date the same type of person, and never have a happy ending. Other options may be the right option for you and result in a happy ending, but you will never know if a different option is a better fit for you, if you are not open to trying other options. People try different foods, different hair styles, different hobbies, different ways of communicating and different careers. Why not try dating a different type of person than you would normally date? You may not truly know what characteristics your ideal mate possesses, if you have not found that person yet, so try to stay open minded to exploring all of your dating options.