• bernicedyson

Speak Up!

When dating someone be clear about what you want. Speak Up! Don't play guessing games you may loose. Don't guess you know what someone else is thinking, or that he/she can guess what is on your mind. There are very few mind readers on this earth, it is not likely that you will run into one. No one will know your thoughts about the kind of relationship you want unless you tell them. Don't worry that speaking up will scare someone away. Some people need to be scared away! If he/she runs it is a clear indication that they are not interested in the same things that you are. It is better that you know this as soon as possible. Keep in mind, the two of you may have two complete different ideas about the type of relationship that the two of you are interested in. People often date someone for months, even years before they decide to speak up and say what they want, or what they are looking for, in a partner or in a relationship. Many people wait until they are not getting what they want or need before they speak up, then they get upset because they are not having their needs met. Unfortunately by the time some people speak up they are already emotionally invested. You can save yourself a lot of headaches, heartaches and time, if you speak up sooner than later. Being clear about what you want, may not necessarily get you what you want, but it will be much easier to move on when a relationship is new.