• bernicedyson it a Sport or an Expression?

Gone are the days that people only lay with the one that they love. When starting a casual relationship with casual sex, sexual views are irrelevant, just practice safe sex. If you are considering having a relationship with someone, you should know the answer to the question: WILL YOU BE HAVING SEX OR GIVING BENEFITS? Understand the person that you are dating views on sex. Make sexual views a part of the conversation as you get to know someone. Talk, ask questions before the sex begins, or in some cases before the sex restarts. Knowing whether your partner views sex as a sport like hunting, or views sex as an expression like love or affection, will tell you a substantial amount about the relationship that the two of you can have moving forward. Be mindful, If you are having sex with someone that views sex as a sport, there is a very little chance for a monogamous relationship. The only objective of your partner is to conquer and win the prize. The prize is you for the time being, but there are many more prizes that he/she will be interested in winning. Using the sport of hunting as an example, hunters seek out and conquer their prey by piercing them through the heart. Once their prey is conquered they claim their trophy, then move on to the next prey. Usually multiple prey are hunted in any given day. Keep in mind if you are having sex with someone that views sex as a sport, you are not the only win that they are after. The only emotion in this scenario is the thrill of the kill. On the other hand, if you are having sex with a partner that views sex as an expression of how you feel about each other, there are positive emotions and feelings involved. There is a good chance for a relationship and longevity in the relationship. This partner shows some interest in commitment and monogamy. The choice that you make about the person that you decide to have sex with is your personal preference. Know the facts so you can make an educated decision.

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