• bernicedyson

Relationship Status (Part II ) "In A Relationship"

It is great that your friendship has progressed into a relationship, progress is always great, but DO NOT EVER STOP BEING FRIENDS. A relationship without a friendship is not a relationship worth having. Friends have a connection, they like, trust and have a mutual affection for each other, this forms a strong bond that is hard to break. The two of you will need to have a strong bond to make your relationship work, the stronger the bond is, the stronger your relationship will be. Communication is also key in any relationship. Couples have a lot in common, but often think differently, because no two people are alike. Thinking like someone else, and seeing things someone else's way, can be very hard to do, but make every effort to be on the same wavelength as your partner. This may require you to sometimes bend your ideas and your way of thinking, in order to communicate well together, but it will be well worth it. Great communication and a little bending, will help the two of you stay connected to each other, and keep your relationship strong, possibly for a lifetime. Both of you most probably now have expectations of each other. Your relationship will only be as good as having your expressed and implied expectations met, and vice versa. YOU SHOULD GIVE WHAT YOU EXPECT TO RECEIVE, WHAT YOU SAY, YOU SHOULD DO, AND BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS WHEN YOU DO NOT. The way in which the two of you stay connected and communicate, will define the type of relationship that you will have. Be unselfish, honest, loyal, caring, positive, and respectful, even when it is not easy to do so, this will give you a really good chance, at having a great relationship for many years to come, possibly for your lifetime.

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