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Relationship Status (Part III)..."Married"

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Finding the right lifetime partner can be a dream come true, on the other hand being married to the wrong person can be your worst nightmare. WHEN IT COMES TO YOU HAVING A HAPPILY EVER AFTER, TAKE THE TIME TO REALLY GET TO KNOW THE PERSON THAT YOU ARE CONSIDERING MARRYING. Examine your partners morals, lifestyle, habits, and characteristics. DO NOT IGNORE ANY RED FLAGS! Red flags such as negative moral behavior and characteristics, can give you a good indication there could be trouble ahead. A marriage is a contract with rules and laws. Will you be marrying someone, that has the moral fiber and characteristics to obey these rules and laws? Is your partner adhering to the commitment that the two of you have now? What you are getting from your partner today, is a clear indication of what you will get in the future as husband and wife. No one can say that people can not change, everyone changes in some way, but not always for the better. A person has to want to change and a person can only change themselves. A UNION OF MARRIAGE SHOULD BEGIN WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, BUT KNOWING YOUR PARTNER IS EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT. Getting to know someone well enough to marry him/her and unconditional love, does not happen overnight. It may be a great idea to take as much time as necessary, to get to know and love your partner, almost as much as you know and love yourself, you will after all be lifetime partners. If you are presently married, once again people can change and not always for the better. if your husband or wife changes for the worse, to the point that you can no longer live a happy life with this person, fortunately and unfortunately you can consider legally terminating your marriage. MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, so do not allow yourself to be subjected to it. No married person wants to think about the subject of a divorce, but it is the only legal and morally correct way to end an irreconcilable marriage. Keep in mind, separating from a marriage is not ending a marriage, nor is it morally correct. A SEPARATION FROM A MARRIAGE, IS NOTHING MORE THAN TAKING A VACATION AWAY FROM YOUR MARRIAGE. Married people should take a vacation away from a job, not from a marriage. Be mindful, if you date someone who is separated from a marriage, he/she will more than likely at some time and point, return to their marriage. Also, what does it say about a person's character and morals if they are dating you, when he/she is married? A situation like this is one of those red flags that I am referring to. You will be dating this person at your own risk, and there is a good chance that there will be trouble ahead. No one should have their cake and eat it too at your expense. The sanctity of marriage can be blissful, but it is not for everyone, it is a matter of a lifestyle choice. If marriage is the lifestyle that you choose, the only way that you can have a successful marriage is if you marry the right person for you. Doing anything right takes time, marriage is no exception. TAKE AS MUCH TIME AS YOU NEED, AND BE AS SURE AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN BE, THAT YOU ARE CHOOSING THE RIGHT PERSON TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH. You should never be in a rush to get married, and it is never too late to make something that has gone terribly wrong right again.

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