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Relationship Status (Part I) "FRIENDS"

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

When you are dating a "friend" it may be wise to define your friendship. Most relationships start as friends, continuing as friends depends substantially on the truth that is told throughout the friendship. Ideally in a romantic relationship, a friendship is a seed that blooms into a healthy and beautiful relationship. Having a TRUE friend that is only a friend can be equally as beautiful, if this is what you desire. WHEN IT COMES TO ROMANCE AND FRIENDSHIPS, BE VERY CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF YOUR FRIENDSHIP? Let your friendship bloom slowly into whatever direction that you would like to take it, but the direction that you would like your friendship to go, should be made clear somewhat early on in the friendship. Make sure your intentions are mutually understood, so there will not be any misunderstanding of expectations, from either of you. HAVE CLARITY. Do not only have clarity with your friend, but have clarity of your own. If you do not have any romantic interests for your friend, being only friends is perfect for you. If you and your friend both have romantic interests for each other, and you are nourishing your friendship, but it does not flourish into a romantic relationship, within a reasonable amount of time, examine some of the reasons why your friendship has not grown. Perhaps have "that talk" again, then decide if a friendship that is not evolving into a romantic relationship, is something that you would like to continue. Your friendship status is a worthy conversation to have. Unfortunately, so many friends never have this conversation, and remain clueless about each others desires, when they want two different things. Based on your relationship goals, here is some food for thought. Being only friends usually means that there are no strings attached. There is a good chance that your friend may be dating other friends. If this is not what you want, maybe dating someone that only wants to be friends is not for you. On the other-hand, If you are nourishing a friendship for the purposes of a romantic relationship, for a certain length of time, a length of time in which you believe your friendship should have grown, and it does not, consider the possibility that it may never grow. Everything in life has a time limit. Time is so precious. Do not waste yours.

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