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Playing The Dating Game To Win!

Anyone can win at the dating game with a little skill and luck! Most people do not want to play games when it comes to dating, but DATING IS A GAME THAT CAN AND SHOULD BE FUN! Like any other game, know how to play, enjoy playing and play to win. There are many resources on dating, the following are some of the easier rules to follow as you play to win. FIRST and most importantly, dating should be fun! Dating is not a job or a chore, it is something that you do for enjoyment, and to enhance your life with a partner that compliments you. STAY POSITIVE! You may have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your prince or princess. ENJOY YOUR DATING EXPERIENCES! The great experiences that you have can turn into something great, the good experiences have potential and it is best to forget about the bad experiences and move on. Look forward to your next dating experience and stay positive about it. SECOND, you have to be in it to win it. We have all had dating nightmares. You may feel challenged and frustrated with some of the "bad dates" that you have. Keep in mind NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY, SO DO NOT GIVE UP ON DATING DUE TO FRUSTRATION! Continue to meet people and continue to date, stick with it and stay in it. You will never have the opportunity to find the ideal match for you, if you give up on dating. THIRD, it is never to late to date. People meet their ideal mate at all different ages and stages in their lives. You may be in your teens, in your sixties or somewhere in between. Life is unpredictable and not too many things in life are for certain, but one thing that is for certain is, what is for you, is for you. YOU WILL RECEIVE WHAT IS MEANT FOR YOU TO HAVE WHEN IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO HAVE IT. FOURTH, try not to be judgmental of others. IT IS NOT LIKELY THAT ANYONE IS PERFECT. Perhaps if you stay positive and open-minded to dating a variety of different people, you may discover that, someone that you may not think is a good match for you, is a great match for you, if you give him/her a chance. LASTLY, when you are dating, think about what you do before you act. We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to sabotaging a potential relationship. Think about the things that you do and say before you do or say them. OUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Negative actions have negative consequences. Try to practice treating others as you would like others to treat you. NEVER GIVE UP ON FINDING A PARTNER OF YOUR CHOICE. AT ANY TIME OR POINT YOU CAN AND MORE THAN LIKELY WILL WIN AT THE GAME OF DATING and meet the ideal partner for you. Make certain you are having fun dating. If you are not having fun dating, you are not dating the right person. Be mindful, like most games, sometimes you will win, sometimes you will loose and sometimes winning will be a challenge. DATING IS A GAME OF FUN THAT PEOPLE PLAY, WITH THE END RESULT IN MIND BEING TO WIN A RELATIONSHIP OF THEIR CHOICE. Be patient, stay open-minded, positive, thoughtful, stick with it and stay in it until you win at it!

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