• bernicedyson

Keep Your Relationship New & Hot

A new relationship is always exciting. When the "newness" and excitement dies down, people have been known to look outside of their relationship for excitement. It can take quite some time for you to find the right partner for you, so do not let the fire in your relationship sizzle down. Stay as hot and interesting as you were when you first piqued your partners interest. TRY SOMETHING NEW TO KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIP NEW. DO SOMETHING HOT TO KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIP HOT. When you have been in a relationship for an extended amount of time, you know what your partner likes, so give him/her plenty of it in a variety of ways, and make certain to add on something new. For example, if your partner likes sexy sleepwear, try to add a few new sexy items into your wardrobe, and slip into it when it is least expected. You may want to try sleeping in your birthday suit from time to time, this will send a clear message and spark a flame. Everyone enjoys eating. Think of some creative ways to enjoy eating in bed. You can try something as simple as feeding each other, or you can use each others body as a plate, and eat your food off of each others body parts. Toys and games are enjoyed by all ages. Have a date night playing games. There are hundreds of adult games available, or you can create an adult game, this is a way of adding variety into your date night. NEVER STOP DATING merely because you are a couple now. OCCASIONALLY GO OUT ON A DATE. FREQUENTLY HAVE A VARIETY OF DATES AT HOME. Dating made the two of you evolve into a couple, so continue to date, and make your dates hotter and more exciting than ever before. Do not get caught up in a routine in your personal relationship. ROUTINES CAN GET BORING VERY QUICKLY. No one wants to be bored. if your partner thought you were boring when he/she first met you, it is not likely that the two of you would be a couple today. Excite your partner at least once a week or every other week with a new and exciting date. Your date should be something the two of you will look forward to and be excited about. Keep in mind CONSISTENCY IS KEY AND KEEP YOUR ACTIVITIES HOT!