• bernicedyson

Embrace Your Fears

Most of us has been in a relationship that was like a car wreck, it left us afraid to ever get into another relationship. If you have ever driven a car and have been in an accident, you know that you need to get right back behind the wheel as soon as possible, because driving compliments your life, just be more careful. The same theory applies in relationships. LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Don't let a bad relationship in your past frighten you, discourage you, or deprive you of the possibility of having a great relationship in your future that can compliment your life, just be more careful. EMBRACE YOUR FEARS. Fears are usually derived from the unknown. You don't know if your next relationship will leave you feeling hurt or disappointed. You don't know how things will work out if you start dating again. If you were in a bad relationship in the past, you have fears and questions about relationships for good reasons, but if you don't try having a relationship again, you will never know if a great relationship awaits you in your future. HAVING COURAGE IS THE KEY TO EMBRACING YOUR FEARS. After having a relationship or dates that go horribly wrong, It takes courage to start dating and developing relationships again. It takes courage to start driving again after a car accident, or to do anything that has the potential of causing you harm. HARM COMING YOUR WAY IS ALWAYS A POSSIBILITY, NOT A PROBABILITY. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. We should not stop living, because we are afraid of the unknown. In dating, relationships and life in general be courageous, face and embrace whatever frightens you, it can help you live your best life.